Product Development

Product Development

With the growth in technological advancements, a large number of companies and enterprises are beginning to look beyond geographical boundaries to meet and match the requirements of their business. Every company wants to take the benefit of Business-oriented software products at a minimal increase in costs.

In order to keep pace with the times, Ekana Technologies has come out with a line of outsourced product development services that cater to the needs of organizations located in other parts of the world.

The important characteristics of Ekana Technologies product development services are –
Simultaneous development and testing in order to correct any errors at the earliest possible stages.
Engaging experienced team members who are skilled at what they do.
Secure development environment in order to ensure protection of client’s critical and sensitive information.

We are a product development company that specializes in developing software for industrial purposes. It is simpler terms, we make products that look good, work better, address the needs of users, and make a substantial impact on the market, all the while meeting the demands and needs of our clients. We not only come up with great ideas and concepts, but we also make them work.

At Ekana Technologies, you will find a group of dedicated software developers who are experts in their domain. Each individuals having broad and diverse experience and expertise. Our involvement with a wide variety of product developments allows us to apply what we learned to each new project. We all share the hunger to never stop learning, which keeps us on the cutting edge of product development. We are creative and we are innovative. We are equally comfortable creating innovative ideas as we are turning them into something that works.

  • Follow the latest technologies and Industrial trends.
  • We utilize a variety of research methods to ensure quality product concepts and solutions.
  • From user interfaces to back-end of the product we consider both cognitive and physical human factors and ergonomics to evaluate design problems and solutions.
  • We have a deep understanding of multiple processes so we can apply the correct solution for our clients to ensure they are getting the most value from the product.
  • We use prototyping during all phases of each project to ensure the development is as efficient as possible. We have several 3D printers and connections with supply partners for all your rapid prototyping and pre-production needs.
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