WordPress Security Fixes

WordPress Security Fixes

If a WordPress website is important to your business, then your most important need is most likely going to be the peace of mind. While you concentrate on your business, you would want the website to run smoothly. If your website is based on the subscription, it’s even more critical to have the uptime monitored, and the site backed up regularly. Maintaining a website can be a time-sink task if the necessary skills, available bandwidth, and resources are not available to you.

To run a WordPress website run successfully, a lot of work has to be done both on the front-end and the back-end. Regular update is the key to keep the site ticking over, running at peak performance and most importantly, remaining secure from hackers and malicious scripts. WordPress website has been an easy target for security exploits, not because it’s vulnerable but out of its sheer popularity. Because of its popularity, it has become a very important aspect to maintain and update the WordPress website.

As a WordPress security provider, we take care of the constant WordPress core, plugin and theme updates, backups, optimization and development.

We perform the following Security Checks and Updation Activities:-

  • Upgrading WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes
  • Server and Uptime Monitoring
  • Versioning of code and Backups
  • Content Updates and SEO Analysis
  • Conversion Optimization, Performance Optimization, and Evaluation
  • WordPress bug fixes
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