What to choose - Web Application or Mobile Application

What to choose – Web Application or Mobile Application

What is more beneficial for a business web application or mobile application? This question might be a bit difficult because it depends on the type of business. SO that it is important to choose the right platform for your business. Ekana Technologies offers best web development or WordPress development services

For startups or a small scale business, the website or web application is the best option. An app is developed only after a website is finished. For a startup or any small business initially, a web application is the best option to take an initial step to enter the digital world.

Here are the following points to decide which platform is better:

Easy to Operate /User-Friendly

When we talk about operation it is important to discuss the category of audience, a service or a business is targeting. Usually, users find websites easier than apps. Websites have a simple UI that is easy for the user to understand and use.

Reach more users:

 A website of a web application is a far better option if you want to reach out to more users. To popularize a website u need to simply publish it on the internet so that users know about services being offered by you. But popularizing an app is not that easy, one has to plan strategies to make the user download a particular application.

Taking reference from Google analytics 60% of people still visit Google from their desktops.


Web designing is comparatively cheaper than app development. Among mobile phone users, there is 2 most common OS (Android & IOS), to develop an application which can support both the platforms is very costly and time-consuming as well.

For startups and small businesses, it is hard to invest so much money on app development. So the pocket-friendly alternative is web designing. To get a cost-friendly web designing in Jaipur choose Compusys e Solutions.

Maintenance Cost

To an extent, the world goes digital everything requires some maintenance. Whether it be an app or a website both require some maintenance, but which platform has a low maintenance cost is a big question?

A website or an app both require some maintenance like Bug fixing, adding new content or some changes in the UI, etc. App developers charge a lot of all such tasks and consume a lot of time in doing so. Whereas for a web designer it is easy to do the same, at a nominal cost.

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