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A smooth-running, fast and responsive website is a necessity of the business. While you concentrate on your business, you want that your website does not face any kind of problem. While you are focusing on your business It is difficult for monitoring site performance, regular backup, WordPress website fixing, and maintenance. It is a time-sinking task and required necessary skills and resources. To run a WordPress website successfully, a lot of work has to be done both on the front-end and the back-end. Regular update is the key to keep the site ticking over, running at peak performance and most importantly, remaining secure from hackers and malicious scripts.

WordPress website has always been an easy target for security exploits, not because it’s vulnerable but out of its sheer popularity. Because of its popularity, it has become a very important aspect to maintain and update the WordPress website.

With years of experience in the domain of WordPress development. We have seen lots of problems occurring while running a WordPress website. Below I mentioned some problems we have seen very frequently on WordPress websites.

Most common WordPress issues

  • Locked out of WordPress admin panel
  • Internal Server Error
  • Syntax Error in WordPress website
  • Slow loading speed on the website
  • White screen of death while visiting the website
  • Maintenance Mode Error
  • Hacked WordPress website
  • Error Establishing A Database Connection
  • WordPress Theme Issues
  • Connection Timed Out
  • Warning: Cannot Modify Header Information — Headers Already Sent
  • Warning: File_Get_Contents
  • WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue
  • 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress
  • Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress
  • Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress
  • Mixed Content Error in WordPress
  • Request Entity Too large

These are the most common issues that appear on the WordPress website and these issues create a problem on running a smooth WordPress website. Most hackers target the WordPress website due to its popularity. Hackers are always lookout for security glitches on websites and WordPress website is one of the most common targets for hackers.

As a WordPress development service provider, we take care of all kinds of WordPress website issues. We have expertise in WordPress fixing and development. We have a team of experts WordPress developers who take care of WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates, backups, optimization, and speed. Our experts have great knowledge of WordPress development. They have years of experience in WordPress development and troubleshooting.

Monitoring & Security Updates

We use both automated and human-controlled tools to monitor your servers, security troubleshoot and fix any issue causing downtimes. We also manage your WordPress website by frequently updating your WordPress core files, WordPress theme, and WordPress plugins as well as manage and fix incompatibilities.

Managed WordPress Backups

If you don’t backups your WordPress website, you may one day be in for a big shock. In light of the numerous WordPress hosting vulnerabilities, we effectively help you keep an offline (daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly) copy of your WordPress database, files, images, and woocomerce data. Did you know that your web hosting provider is not liable for any lost data during a hack or server sabotage? Our website maintenance services will keep all your site data safe!

WP Speed & Performance Optimization

A slow and poorly optimized WordPress website is not only unfriendly to your site visitors but faces the risk of being penalized by Google and other search engines that drive traffic to your WordPress website. When you choose a WordPress website maintenance or management service plan at SmartWPfix.com, we ensure that your website speed is optimized at all times. We also fix any issue affecting WordPress site speed including images, hosting service, themes, and plugins.

WordPress plugins customization

Plugins are an essential part of any WordPress website; in fact, it is impossible to run a successful site without plugins. Not only do plugins allow you to customize your website, they add essential functionality that helps both you and your visitors use your site, performing everything from security to search. but some time readymade plugin can not help you as per your expectation at that time you need a custom plugin which is developed as per your requirement.

We are the WordPress specialists, offering WordPress development, custom plugin development for WordPress, WordPress theme customization, etc. Ekana Technologies is your on-demand technical support service for anything WordPress.

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  • WordPress Website Repair
  • WordPress Website Migration
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  • WordPress Malware Removal Service
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  • Secure hacked WordPress website
  • WordPress Support Services
  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress plugin customization


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